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29 calligraphic tattoos with meaningful phrases


Sometimes there is nothing better to express our way of being and vision of life than a sentence or a quote. THE tattoos with phrases and quotes in fact they refer to tattoos defined as primary, that is, they are among the most common and appreciated by the public all over the world. Although the same sentence or quote may be used by multiple people, which tattoo with inscription special is the use other calligraphy.

I calligraphic lettering tattoos in fact, they make it possible to write our phrase or quote from the heart in an original and decorative way for our skin. Quantity font the name given to the various types of characters is truly limitless and full of possibilities. Choosing the most suitable font for us obviously depends on various factors: personal taste, the length of the text and the placement chosen for our calligraphic tattoo... Let's take a look together at the main characteristics of the most common, but also the most original fonts:

Italic Tattoo 

Italic is a Renaissance typeface designed to be compact and easy to read. Cursive calligraphy with its gracefulness and elongated light letters is ideal for feminine, delicate and restrained tattoo... Of course, there are different types of italics, however, it is not recommended to use cursive handwriting full of finesse for tattoo with inscription for a very long time, if you have not chosen a spacious room. In fact, curls of letters, if exceeded in weave and overlap, can produce results that are difficult to read and chaotic.

Sticker font tattoo

By stick type we mean clean and linear sans serif handwriting. The Stick font is very modern and versatile, it is also suitable for tattooing long texts, playing with letters of different sizes to get a unique and exquisite tattoo. It is a style suitable for both men and women and, being indispensable in forms, allows you to create tattoo with lettering in almost any position of the body.

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Mixed and graphic fonts tattoo

Why not mix different fonts and graphics such as crosses, underlined circles, or letter compositions that can be read in multiple verses? the beauty tattoo with lettering it's just that: you can allow yourself to be entertained with your imagination, the main thing is that the masterpiece should be created by a creative person inclined to graphic harmony. This is due to the fact that compositions with letters and graphic elements are not at all simple, they require a very precise study of the design in order for the result to be harmonious at the chosen point of the body.