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26 cute 3D butterfly tattoos


One of the hottest tattoo trends in recent years is 3D butterfly tattoo. These are tattoos that require a lot of skill from the tattoo artist, who will have to reproduce the butterfly on the skin so realistically that it looks three-dimensional.

The effect is undeniably spectacular: these three-dimensional butterflies seem to take off at any moment!

What is the meaning of butterfly tattoos?

We have already covered in detail in another article about the meaning of butterfly tattoos, but for the sake of completeness, we present some of the basic concepts below.

I butterfly tattoos they can represent a sudden transformation, the passing of a moment or a difficult phase in our life, or a change for the better. In its general sense butterfly represents rebirth.

I 3D butterfly tattoos they also find some of their meaning in Greek mythology. The word "butterfly" comes from "Psyche“, The Goddess of the Soul, who fell madly in love with Eros, the God of Love.

Finally, the butterfly too a symbol of nature, beauty and elegance.

That most suitable place for 3D butterfly tattoo?

As always, the choice of placement depends on factors such as personal taste, work needs, the size of the tattoo, our willingness to tolerate or not tolerate pain in certain parts of the body, etc.

Aside from these factors, we can say that the 3D butterfly is one of those designs that fit almost any part of the body. Given the beauty and lightness of this type of tattoo, many choose easy to show placementssuch as shoulders, feet or back.