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25 Wonder Woman Tattoo Ideas

We can safely say that every woman is, in her own way, a little multitasking heroine. A Wonder Woman inspired tattoo Therefore, it may be an original idea to honor our "superpowers" as a woman.

There has been a lot of talk about Wonder Woman on the net lately, and this is not surprising, because in early June the film Wonder Woman was released in Italian cinemas with a magnificent Gal Gadot play the heroine of DC Comics.

Ma who is wonder woman and why are the tattoos on her creation so beautiful?

The story of the Wonder Woman character, also known as Diana Prince, is very interesting.

Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, army of warriors who is hiding on Paradise Island.

Originally, the story goes that the Amazons were exterminated by the army of Hercules, who brutally mistreated them to death. To reward them for their loyalty and, probably touched by the unjust fate that befell the Amazons at the hands of people, the gods of Olympus brought them back to life and surrounded the Paradise Island with magical impassable walls.

Diana, born as a gift from Aphrodite to Hippolyta, is the only child who does not wear bracelets on her wrists, a symbol and reminder of the intolerant and cruel world of men.

However, as an adult, Diana wants to cross the magical walls and become the representative of the Amazons in the world of men, and her mother, Hippolyte, cannot dissuade her in any way.

Wonder Woman became a symbol of feminism, an almost subversive symbol of the era in which he was born: he was Strong woman, possessing Superman's superpowers, but at the same time handsome and intelligent. The image is very far from the image of a woman of the 40s: submissive, balanced, kind and respectful, a good wife and housekeeper.

William Moultom Marston, creator of Wonder Woman comics, said: “The best way to redefine women is to create a female character with all the power of Superman plus the charm of a good and beautiful woman. It is noteworthy that this cartoonist spoke of "medicine": in fact, women should always be appreciated and their special and distinctive powers taken into account.

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Indeed, Wonder Woman is only strong female characterwho belongs to the world of comics, but who has taught generations of girls and boys that being a woman means being strong, independent, determined and capable. V Wonder Woman inspired tattoos so they are not only a tribute to a much beloved cartoon character, but also a symbol of feminism, peace, independence and equality of women in the spirit of men.

What are Wonder Woman's super powers? She has the power of Superman, she can run and fly at supersonic speed, she is immune to mind control and poisons, she has super developed senses that allow her to intercept bullets, she communicates with animals, speaks many languages, because the goddess Athena he gave wisdom and intelligence. Moreover, she does not age and cannot die until she is killed.

He is also equipped with a very interesting "weapon": a golden lasso, forcing those caught to tell the truth, a telepathic tiara and protective bracelets.

Good reasons to get busy Wonder Woman tattoo, There are a few. Her story, her role as a symbol of feminism, her strength, everything that characterized Wonder Woman yesterday and today, makes her the perfect subject for a tattoo that inspires strength, independence and femininity.