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24 enchanting Cinderella-inspired tattoos - Tattoomuse.it

Dreams are wishes for happiness". Who does not know this phrase cardboard Disney Cenerentola? The Cinderella Tale is perhaps one of the most famous and beloved in history, after all, the plot is impeccable: a girl-daughter from a good family, left in the care of a bad stepmother, who obviously treats her very badly. But in the end a spell happens: a girl, kind and courageous in character, makes the prince fall in love with her kingdom, and they lived happily ever after.

A nuance of romance, a bit of magic, cute and funny animals make Cinderella a cartoon classic, so it's no surprise that many fans are taking part. Cinderella inspired tattoos... After all, who among us does not hope to one day meet a rich Prince Charming who falls madly in love with us and tears us away from everyday life?

Moreover, the Cinderella story teaches that it is not enough to be lucky: you need to be brave, good and believe in your dreamsby pursuing them despite difficulties or temperaments that might confront us.

Among the most common Cinderella style tattoos we find legendary glass shoe, which Cinderella inadvertently loses on the night of the ball, but which will then become a turning point in her life, or magic carriagewhich the Fairy Godmother wisely made from a pumpkin, but also the clock that strikes midnight, or Cenerella's friends, mice and birds, who helped her get her prom dress. And last but not least, the same Cinderella, presented in several versions, from the original and faithful cartoon, to the one in pin-up style.