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23 stunning goldfish tattoos - photos & meanings

We all have had at least once in our life: they are small, red, black or white, with very light, almost transparent fins. These are they, the mythical goldfish. THE goldfish tattoos they can be a suitable option for those who want an aesthetically original tattoo, but with a deep and rich meaning.

What do fish tattoos mean?

Fish is a very positive symbol in many cultures. Often the goldfish symbolizes fertility, but for some cultures it even represents the power of space... For Chinese culture, but also for Indian culture, fish is a symbol rebirth indicating a new way forward. More west instead of fish it represents the connection between the spiritual and the earthly world.

If you already find it unusual that a little goldfish can represent so many, know that there is more to come. This animal is actually known for not having a particularly long life. A goldfish tattoo can be a good reminder that we will not live forever and therefore it is worth living life to the fullest.

Pisces also instinctively follow the path to the most prosperous places, and for this reason, a tattoo depicting them may indicate transition to an important change and l 'inspiration it is necessary to run into problems with the correct definition. The goldfish is also a notoriously meek and peaceful animal that achieves its goals with the help perseverance.

therefore goldfish tattoo can symbolize meekness,closed naturesearching for the world. Do you know a more cute and peaceful animal than a goldfish? <3