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23 unusual dolphin tattoos - Tattoomuse.it

I dolphin tattoo it is a classic in the world of tattoos, an evergreen with different meanings. Therefore, you can easily make a mistake, believing that a dolphin tattoo can be trivial, because there are new drawings that have completely updated the image of this beautiful animal, allowing you to create very original and unusual tattoos!

What is the meaning of a dolphin tattoo? We can say that the dolphin is the king of the seas. He possesses extraordinary intelligence, and many of the qualities that have been attributed to him throughout history may well be the qualities of a king, not a reigning king, but a king who rules with grace.

Among the most common meanings attributed to a dolphin we find playfulness, harmony, kindness, altruism, friendship, generosity, rebirth, purity of heart and intelligence. Over the centuries, different peoples and cultures have been fascinated by the graceful and gentle nature of dolphins. For example, for Christians, the dolphin is associated with certain aspects of the character of Christ. For the ancient Greeks, the dolphin was the carrier in the afterlife of blessed souls, and for the Greeks, the dolphin was always the companion of Apollo (the sun god) and Aphrodite (the moon goddess), and for this reason the dolphin it also represents the coexistence of these two opposite elements, sun and moon, day and night..

Sometimes some drawings depict a dolphin in the presence of the sun or moon. When the dolphin is depicted with the sun, it signifies life, movement, dynamism, intelligence and renewal. On the other hand, when the moon accompanies the dolphin, its meaning has to do with dreams, hidden strength, femininity and intuition.

For the Celts, the dolphin was the protector of sacred waters and wells, an alert and kind guardian, guarding everything related to water. The same was true for the pirates seen in dolphins. good omen and they believed that in addition to protection, there is one in the heart of dolphins mermaid spirit.

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There are always many styles with which you can make a dolphin tattoo, even if among the most original designs we find those made by mixing. geometric lines and watercolor colorswhere the splashes of water become bright and vibrant.