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22 Harry Potter-inspired tattoos: magic on the skin


If we did a survey asking who I’ve never heard of Harry Potterit is likely that the number of those who completely ignore the existence of the famous wizard will be close to zero. Typical round glasses, stories full of intrigue and problems to be solved, a magic wand, the legendary Hogwarts school of witchcraft (which we all would love to get into) and an absolute villain to be defeated.

For the enthusiast, these are just a few of the things that make Harry Potter one of the exceptional saga! Of course, where there is a great story with great characters, there are also thousands of tattoos that have transferred the magic of the screen (or pages) to the skin.

I Harry Potter Tattoos therefore, they can come from iconographic character elements such as glasses, lightning (scar on Harry's face) or an elk, a symbol that for Harry meant salvation from evil. Also very important in the saga are the many magical formulas spoken by various characters and meeting specific needs. Among the most important we, of course, remember Expecto Patronum, Riddikulus and Oppugno, three spells that take on a very subjective meaning when we transfer them from the fantastic into our lives. Riddiculus for example, it is a spell that allows you to face and ridicule your fears by overcoming them.