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22 tattoos inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas movie

Despite being a 13-year-old animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic of the Christmas season! V tattoos based on the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas They are clearly not among the most popular tattoos, but those who are into this movie or Tim Burton's style in general cannot help but appreciate them!

The idea for a tattoo with the nightmare before Christmas

Without going into the plot, which is known to almost everyone (who has not seen Nightmare Before Christmas at least once?), We can say that The Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Tattoo it could be: a tribute to creator Tim Burton, a way to bring some of the Christmas atmosphere with you all year round, an original Tim Burton-style way of portraying a love story that is first secret and then happy. end like Jack and Sally!

But not only this: Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo It could also be an original idea to portray a rebellious and brave female character!

Curiously, at the time, Tim Burton came up with the idea for this film while working for Disney, and they refused to film The Nightmare Before Christmas due to the decidedly dark tones. It wasn't until a few years later that Disney was finally convinced by giving birth to this movie, which has been a Christmas classic for many years now.

Another curiosity that I just can't help but notice is that among the many films and songs dedicated to The Nightmare Before Christmas, including Frankenstein Jr e Alice in Wonderland, There is also Blink 182 who sings in the song "I Miss You":

“We can live like Jack and Sally if you want / where you can always find me / we will have Halloween for Christmas / and at night we wish it never ends, I wish it never ends ... ”.