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19 creepy Wednesday Addams tattoos


She is caustic, strictly dressed in black and capable of uttering extremely disturbing and sarcastic phrases at the same time: let's talk about Wensday Addams obviously the second child of Gomez and Morticia Addams!

I Wednesday Addams inspired tattoos they are not very common, although they are quite popular with both men and women. Those who, like her, have a somewhat grumpy character and love disturbing and sarcastic jokes, cannot but be her fans, and it happens that among the most devoted are those who decide to pamper themselves with a tattoo dedicated to this spectacular character. ...

Who is Wednesday Addams?

Its name, Wednesday, comes from an old English verse that reads: "Wednesday's child is full of grief," which translated into Italian means: a child born on Wednesday is full of failures. Few people know that Wednesday has a middle name: Friday. Wednesday not only breeds spiders and proudly displays her Marie Antoinette doll (decapitated, of course). try to kill older brother, Pugsley, who always willingly succumbs to the initiatives of his adorable little sister.

As for the character, well, Wednesday is not the hottest person in the world (hence his quote: "I'm not funny" which means "I'm not funny"). He almost never laughs, smiles at best, e he has a hard time releasing his emotions... Despite his oddities, he is the only member of the Addams family who has any contact with reality and his clear maturity this is in stark contrast to both her childhood and the rest of the family she completely irresponsible... It is extremely smart and educated and his attempts to kill his brother are always highly ingenious and by no means innocent.

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Despite this difficult temper, even Wednesday finds love: a nerd who can even make her smile! What can I say ... there is nothing stronger than first love!

Wednesday Addams Tattoo Ideas

If all of the above made you fall in love with Wednesday to the point that you wanted to get a tattoo inspired by it, you've come to the right place! A tattoo with Wensday Addams it might just be a tribute to this very peculiar and darkly funny fictional character, but it can also display the likeness of characters.

In addition to being able to create a tattoo depicting Wednesday, you can also use some of his most famous quotes, saturated with sarcasm and dark humor, for a tattoo with a different spelling.

Among Most Popular Wednesday Addams Quotes we always find:

• "I hate everything"

• "I will stop wearing black when they come up with a darker color."

• "You're too weird" (When Joel, the nerd she falls in love with, tells her why he will never forget her)

• "If you want people to be good, fry them."