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How much is it?

The tattoo prize plays a big role in choosing a motive and a tattoo studio. Since you are buying a tattoo for life, you should be guided not only by this factor, but also others when choosing it. These include, for example, the quality of the resulting design, the background of the tattoo parlor and the hygiene conditions, or the quality of the pigment itself.

Is the tattoo studio good or bad You can find out on the links... You can find a quality tattoo parlor online or recommend it to friends or acquaintances who have already been there and got tattoos from there. The price of a tattoo is determined primarily by the complexity of the motive and the size. Some prefer cheap tattoos, others understand that they will wear them all their lives and do not regret that they will pay more for it.

A lower price is usually paid for simple raw tattoos and tattoos from hobbyists (scraps of pubs). In addition to the motive of the tattoo itself, the price is significantly influenced by whether the tattoo will be black or colored, who performs it and where. They should be able to give you an approximate price at each professional tattoo studio after you show them your chosen motif and tell them where on your body you want to tattoo. Tattooing that is done in sensitive areas, of course, requires much more effort and often cannot be done in one sitting. Of course, if more sessions are needed, the price of the tattoo also increases.

The rule applies here: if you don't have enough money, you better wait and save instead of getting the tattoo somewhere else, because you might regret the few euros saved and it will cost twice as much to repair the tattoo (if possible).

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