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What do I face when I get a tattoo?

Tattoos as such are in some way an unwanted skin tampering, so naturally there may be some risks. Probably the most well-known problem that can occur with tattoos is infection... This risk is very rare because most tattoo parlors use sterile instruments and follow good hygiene practices. Of course, you should always check this and ask the Tatar of your choice about these things.

Unknown risk in tattoos colloidal formationwhich resembles a scar and can occur with tattoos. Again, ask your tattoo artist about this risk. Sometimes allergic reactions can occur, causing the immune system to become overly active. This problem is very rare because modern ink is used today, but it cannot be ruled out.

However, this remains the biggest threat. non-professional Tatras, which, even if all hygienic conditions are observed, by its inability to spoil your body, basically, irrevocably, forever. This threat is underestimated by most people, and I regularly see irreparable tattoos in the portfolios of professional studios, whose images should belong to the ugliest tattoos and should be a warning to others, not a demonstration of their work.