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Can I sunbathe with a tattoo?

Sunbathing can make life very difficult for tattoo fans. Excessive tanning can last a long time consequences in the form of fading or loss of contrast of the tattoo, to the "greening" of the tattoo... If you want the tattoo to remain beautiful and contrasting, use a cream with a higher protection factor. It is also advisable to take this fact into account when choosing a tattoo.

If you love sunbathing and cannot give up this hobby, you should choose fuller, thicker, not too darkened forms for tattooing that can withstand sunlight for a long time. It is also advisable to use tattoo protection during the summer months. The cream is great, but not 100% guaranteed, so you better think about whether your step will pay off or you will wait for the tattoo to completely heal (which is about a month).