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Can a tattoo fade?

Tattoo ink is the same color as any other. Therefore, if your T-shirt is tarnished by the sun's rays, the same can happen to your tattoo. The hide dies and is replaced with a new one. It also contributes to changes in the tattoo over time.

The fact that your tattoo has long-lasting contrast and intense colors depends on how you take care of your tattoo, as well as the quality of the pigment and skin type. After healing, you look at the tattoo through the skin layer. While you are visiting tanning beds and excessive sunbathingit will definitely contribute to this tattoo over time it will disappear... Therefore, when tanning, use a cream with a high UV factor. Avoid visiting tanning salons. Treat your skin regularly using creams containing vitamin E. If you follow these tips, your tattoo will remain beautiful and contrasting for the rest of your life.