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How do tattoos overlap each other?

To some extent, any tattoo can be tattooed, but it depends on many factors. It is necessary to choose a suitable motif that will cover most of the unwanted tattoo, be sure to discuss the choice with the tattoo artist. It should be borne in mind that not all colors can be easily covered, that is, the darker the color, the less likely a part can be covered.

The basic rule is that a dark color cannot be overridden by a lighter one. This means that the barbed wire around the bicep cannot be covered with a flower. While you can see images of black onlays all over the place, such as green and others, this is only a temporary effect because the pigment that is already there is dark and eventually shines through anyway, so beware of the Tatras and their strong words that can all be read ... It is very likely that in a few months this tattoo will be even larger than it was before overlapping.

The skin has the ability to hold only a certain amount of color pigments from the tattoo ink, which means that once something has been tattooed in place, the skin does not have the ability to “absorb” all the pigment from the new color. There is a great risk that over time the new color will change or the skin will not take on the new color at all. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on the choice of motive.