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How to get rid of unwanted tattoos?

Temporary coverage - You can temporarily mask smaller tattoos. Going to an important meeting? Want to hide tattoos from your parents you see once a year? To temporarily remove your tattoo, try applying makeup. This is definitely not a camouflage that lasts for days. It's more like a cover for a few hours. If the tattoo is really small and you don't want to show it off, you can cover it with a plaster.

Change tattoo - Most tattooed motifs can be freely expanded and customized with many details that take care of a completely new look. You may not even be aware of the potential of your tattoo. Consult a professional tattoo studio for this "tattoo removal" method.

Laser tattoo removal - If you want to get rid of the tattoo once and for all, remove it with a laser. This is a modern advanced solution. However, laser tattoo removal will cost you a lot of money because even a small tattoo needs to be removed for more sessions. It is better to remove tattoos from professional tattoo parlors than from amateur ones. Black tattoos are better removed than colored tattoos. Complete tattoo removal is often used by people whose tattoos no longer look attractive. Removing a tattoo is like realizing it. On sensitive areas - the ankle, instep, the area around the spine - tattoo removal will be more painful. You can also cut out a tattoo in small areas and then suture the wound. After the tattoo, a scar will remain. However, today this step is minimal, it is preferable to remove the tattoo with a laser method, but even this does not guarantee one hundred percent confidence.