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What is UV Tattoo?

What is a UV tattoo?

UV tattoos are not visible in normal daylight, maybe just at a certain angle, even with minimal contours. It will only appear in ultraviolet light. The pain of an ultraviolet tattoo is completely equal to the sensation of a classic tattoo. Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved their use after more than 10 years of testing and has found UV tattoo ink completely harmless and harmless to the human body, UV tattooing is becoming a popular and increasingly popular trend in nightclubs and dance parties. ... According to the test results, any negative reactions or allergic reactions were excluded. The color UV filter has now passed the EU approved test.

Since UV tattooing is more demanding on the equipment, this is reflected in the price, which is approx. 30% higher than with a regular tattoo. UV tattoos are not suitable for highly detailed images and are not overwhelmed. UV tattoo is more or less suitable for ornaments, flames, stars, characters - definitely not suitable for portraits. According to research, the color fastness of UV tattoos is less than that of conventional tattoos, so the tattoo needs to be applied after a few years.