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What if I get tired of the motive?

This should not happen, because a tattoo is for life and therefore I still focus on it. choice of motive is very important... A motive to which you have a personal relationship, for example, the memory of your parents, grandparents, hobbies, a picture that reminds you of an important part of life, you will never get tired of it. In contrast, trendy tattoos such as stars, tribals over the buttocks or the infinity sign on the forearm get bored pretty quickly. But not every tattoo has to have an incredibly deep meaning. Maybe you already have an idea of ​​what you want - like a tiger. Then you have to choose the style you want it in: old school, Asian style or real, then with or without background, in color or black and white. The more precisely you know what you want, the later you will be happy with the tattoo.