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What should be in the right tattoo studio?

Tattoos should only be performed in a reasonably clean and disinfected environment. The right tattoo studio should have sterilizer approved by the regional sanitary and hygienic bureau and procedures for disinfection of premises and instruments in accordance with applicable hygiene standards.

Sterilizer is a device that combines high temperature and time required to destroy all microorganisms and bacteria during sterilization. All parts of the tattoo gun that come into contact with blood and paint, tool trays, paint stands are inserted into it. The sterilizer is an important piece of equipment in the professional studio and is regularly checked by the Regional Hygiene Department. Test logs should be kept at the workplace.

Disinfectants and hygiene products are divided by use into five categories - on hands, skin and mucous membranes, small areas, instruments and large areas... They can be based on detergent emulsions, alcohol, iodine, PVP iodine, aldehydes and chlorine.