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What if I gain muscle, lose weight, or become pregnant?

What if I gain muscle? What happens to a tattoo?

Tattoo in skin condition. When the muscle mass is stretched, the tattoo expands and, conversely, contracts with the skin as it shrinks. The skin is plastic, so the tattoo works. In practice, however, the tattoo changes. with the naked eye You don't want usso the reason why I only get a tattoo when I am losing weight or gaining muscle is completely unfounded, and rather, it is just my own excuse to myself (or others) why wait with a tattoo.

Stretch marks can be a problemthat arise in a very fast set of muscle mass. If you look at a tattoo through a skin defect, the areas under the stretch marks will look blurry, poorly tattooed. The skill of the tattoo artist also affects the placement of the design in such a way that the tattoos are sensitive to proportions, for example. portraits. The tribles need to be geometrically precise in order to extend symmetrically to the muscles. When stretching, I recommend a cream for the skin to keep it supple. For example, pregnant women, if they have a tattoo in the abdomen. It is also advisable to apply the cream to the skin after childbirth so that the skin returns to its original state. Dotted any defects.