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Why is a tattoo dangerous?

Get infected with HIV or hepatitis type A, B, C almost meets the standards set today impossible to get during tattoo... Of course, if the studio also meets these standards and adheres to them. The HIV virus has been active outside the host's body for a very short time, so your doctor can only infect you with HIV if he immediately tattoo you with the same needle as the carrier of the virus. Hepatitis is a more insidious form of the virus. But if you comply with all the standards - the use of disinfectants with a wide range of effectiveness, disposable devices and needles, as well as thorough pre-sterilization preparation and sterilization, it is possible that you will contract any of the above diseases in the tattoo studio. The procedure for a tattoo parlor should always be coordinated with the regional sanitary station.

skin diseases - In the event of any intervention, even in a place not affected by a skin disease, you run the risk of sowing the disease even in areas not yet affected. These diseases are diseases of the whole organism. I do not recommend getting tattoos in these cases.

Since the HIV or HCV virus does not survive outside the host's body for more than a few minutes, the chance of tattoo transmission is ZERO during tattooing. Therefore, during disinfection and sterilization, you cannot contract either AIDS or jaundice. However, visit an amateur and you are guaranteed to transmit an infection or virus.

If you are pregnant, it can damage your fetus or even cause a miscarriage. Diabetics do not heal well and are more prone to infections. If you are an epileptic, a tattoo can cause an epileptic seizure.