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I took a theoretical tattoo course: here's what I learned - part 1 ⋆ Tattoomuse.it

What is the program of the tattoo course?

As we have already said, in the Lombardy region it has been established that in order to become a tattoo artist, you need to take a theoretical course on specific subjects, at the end of which there is an exam, which, if passed, allows you to receive a regional level certificate. value for the practice of the profession.

Thus, the Essence Academy based in Lombardy offers a 94 hour course that is divided into the following subjects:

  • First aid
  • Business management
  • Health legislation
  • piercing
  • tattoo

Don't worry, I'll tell you more. what exactly is considered during individual subjects in the next series.

Lessons are held Saturday and Sunday, from 9 to 18. The possibility of attending a course on weekends is often a determining factor, because those who already have a job like me can participate without problems or, in any case, with less difficulty.

And with that, we also present another curiosity that I also had before signing up for the course: how are your classmates?

I'll tell you, I expected the class to be mostly young people who had just graduated from art high school, and instead ...my class was really promiscuous! Obviously, there were those who were very young and had just finished art school, but among my classmates there were also a production designer, a photographer, a girl who works in a fashion style office, a family man, a pastry chef, guys. young, but full of talent and very clear ideas, which they had already stabbed and could not wait to "put in order". In short, about twenty people are really different in age, origin, profession, but all with one dream: to tattoo!

And I have to say that this dream has been well realized in the past few weeks, especially thanks to the teachers. very Special.

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But I'll talk about this in the next issue!

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