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XNUMX years wants piercings, but all piercings refuse

Photo: Emily Wheeler Fonte: BBC.co.uk

This is the story of an 8-year-old girl from Devon who wants to pamper herself with a piercing for her birthday. She then walks with her mom to studios and tattoo parlors, but everyone refuses to get pierced because Emily has Down syndromeand this, according to the piercers, indicates that she cannot be held responsible for this choice. Finally, named piercing Nicholas Pinch agrees to apply the piercing that Emily wants, convinced that the girl may well not only want the piercing, but also choose the method of application and decoration.

Why did the previous masters refuse to get Emily pierced? Were they wrong or did they succeed? Emily Vicky's mom is convinced that the 8 studies were abandoned because of biases and misinformation about Down syndrome. Vicki says that together with Emlili, they contacted several piercing studios in advance, but they were told that they were too busy or they already had diaries full. Others were more "sincere" in saying that they thought Emily could not understand and give her consent.

Moreover, Emily's request was not even excessive or extravagant, because the piercing in question consists only of classic holes in the earlobes!

However, Emily is quite capable of communication, and she herself expressed not only a desire to pierce her earlobes, but also a great determination and perseverance in achieving what she wanted. In the end, her efforts paid off as sniper Nicholas Pinch agreed to help her. He himself said: “If someone has such a disability that he cannot communicate adequately, this is another matter, because cannot expressly consent to piercing... Emily, however, spoke to me and she asked me to get pierced herself, also asking me to do it with a needle, not a gun. She was also able to choose a gem. So there was absolutely no reason for concern, much less reason to send her away. "

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Then Nikolai expressed his opinion on the network about his colleagues, saying that he was ashamed of their disgusting behavior.

Her mother Vicki, on the other hand, praises her daughter for her determination, adding: “Emily has faced rejection many times in her life, but she never gave up or gave up. She just wants to be able to do what other girls her age do. ”