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All Damiano dei Maneskin tattoos and their meaning


Rock and asexual style, a prickly voice and a tough attitude with a kind heart: Damiano David, singer of Maneskin, literally won the hearts of millions of people! Her body is covered in numerous tattoos, and as you would expect from such an eclectic and creative person, they all matter.

Want to know the meaning of Damiano's tattoos? Keep reading!

"Dance of Life" tattoo on the chest.

Among the most striking tattoos of the singer, there is undoubtedly a tattoo on the upper chest. This is a tattoo that says Dance of Life. What does it mean?

This tattoo dates from 2018, shortly before the release of the second album, Dance of Life, dedicated to the band's success.

Crown of thorns and sacred heart face tattoo

It is located on the hip and therefore looks almost like a self-portrait at first glance. Obviously, there are those who considered the tattoo blasphemous, believing that this is an image of Jesus, but the correct interpretation is completely different.

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Damiano himself personally intervened to clarify the meaning of this as it was said about the tattoo: indicating that he did not need any explanation, he emphasized that he did not intend to spread hateful messages of any kind. The drawing, in fact, is a kind of self-portrait, not Christ.

"Boys not cry"

Instead, another tattoo appears on the side, which well represents Damiano's desire to destroy all prejudices about "toxic masculinity“Masculinity, that is, what a macho wants, strong, not inclined to show his emotions.

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The link is taken from The Cure song "Boys Don't Cry", but Damiano canceled "notAnd he added "DO", transforming the phrase into "Boys are crying." The sad face emoji that accompanies the tattoo underlines the fact that men, like everyone else, are subject to emotion.

Tattoo "Kiss this" on the buttock

No special interpretations of this ironic and somewhat hidden tattoo are required. This is probably a "virtual slap" in the face to everyone who may have ridiculed him or did not believe in his talent.

Snake and apple tattoo on the lower chest

Damiano's recent tattoos include a tattoo on the sternum, which is a snake wrapped around an apple. The singer did not clearly elaborate on the meaning of this tattoo, but it is easy to associate it with a story from the Book of Genesis, a snake representing the seducing Devil and an apple symbolizing sin.

Damiano dei Manesquin's right arm tattoos

Damiano has several tattoos on his right arm, such as a rose with the words “Mama” underneath, an obvious tribute to his mother; a twisted pin, a broken heart, and a few letters. Among the latter, it seems to have something in common with his girlfriend and model Georgia Soleri: "Same Team". In fact, it looks like both Damiano and Georgia tattooed this letter on their left hand: couple tattoo very nice!

Ornamental finger tattoos

Recent additions include ornamental tattoos on Damiano's fingers, precisely on what he called “the devil's finger,” and on his ring finger.

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Tattoo with wings and an inscription on the side and "Mammamia" under the navel.

Less visible, but still very much appreciated by fans, is Damiano's tattoo on the lower thigh, which consists of two wings with an inscription.

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The letter reads: “For this pair of golden wings. We would pay for all the gold in the world", Quote from Vegas Jones song" Solo ".

Under the navel instead of the inscription "Mammamia", the exact meaning of which we do not know ... but who knows, maybe one day Damiano will reveal something more about it!

Tattoo on the arm with death

On his left hand Damiano tattooed a skeleton wrapped around a scythe, a rather classic (very common, for example, in Tarot cards) depiction of death. We don't know the exact meaning of this tattoo, but it could be a way to remember the fragility of life (and therefore the importance of living it to the fullest) or somehow represent the singer's slightly dark and rocky soul.

Damiano David's back tattoos

Damiano's back is also a collection of various tattoos. In the upper part there are two little angels with a bow and arrow. On the side are several stylized cats, and below, in the center of the back, is a line graphic version of the work "Archangel Michael and the Rebel Angels".