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Топ-10 татуаторов, подписанных на его Instagram

Instagram, as we know, has become a goldmine for artists and fans of all forms of art in the world. In particular, the world of tattoos owes a lot to this social network, which allows us to follow the artistic paths of some of the most talented aspiring artists on the planet.

Here's a ranking of the top 10 tattoo artists we recommend following on Instagram.

1. Chaim Makhlev (@dotstolines)

We already talked about this in the post. Her tattoos are very important, they are composed of simple lines and curves, yet sinuous and completely innovative. You can read the article dedicated to Khaim Makhlev. here.

2. Johnny Domus Mosque (@johnny_domus_mosque)

The tattoos by this Portuguese artist have a great effect, both in vibrant colors and in a style very close to the full color of the comics.

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

3. Lianne Mul (@liannemoule)

The art of the English artist Lianne is subtle, unearthly. Colors are vibrant but never too vibrant, and objects are so detailed that they appear imprinted on the skin.

4. Joe Frost (@hellomynamesjoe)

Another English artist about whom we have little information at the moment, but who is buying up likes on Instagram thanks to his very specific tattoos, done in full colors and volumes close to 3D, but also to the world of cartoons.

5. Peter Lager Gren (@peterlagergren)

This Swedish artist and owner of Malmo Classic Tattooing certainly has a style that may not suit everyone, but is impressive. Ferocious beasts, humanized animals, mythological characters, Peter's style is definitely unique, as is his talent.

6. Toko Lauren (@tokoloren)

This Swiss tattoo artist creates tattoos halfway between photography and graphics, mixing faces with geometric patterns, animals inscribed in rectangles, and more to make the result look as good on skin as it does on a glossy design magazine cover.

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7. Valentina Ryabova (@val_tatboo)

This (handsome) Russian tattoo artist, who has been working since 2013, knows how to create portraits and conceptual tattoos that are so realistic that it will take you a few seconds to convince yourself that they are tattoos and not drawings or photographs.

8. @Skingrafix

We do not know the name of this artist, instead we know that he is Danish and knows how to create fantastic scenarios worthy of hallucinations. Bright colors, imaginary creatures - all in a fairy-tale context. Not only that, this tattoo artist also knows how to get more "traditional" tattoos.

9.  Nikko Urtado (@nikkohurtado)

Nikko's tattoos, which are often portrayed very close to reality, have light effects, so defining them as realistic would be just an understatement. The clarity of the lines is perfect, photographic, and it's hard not to be captivated by the vibrant colors and clarity of subjects.

10). Giena Todrik (@taktoboli)

Finally, Jena, an artist with a particularly unique style, halfway between illustration, graphics and freehand art. His tattoos have a magical mood, thanks to the use of colors, sinuous shapes, plots that are not always inspired by reality.

These are our favorites at the moment, but there are many more talents that we'll talk about shortly. What style / tattoo artist do you prefer?