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Tattoo Theoretical Course Part 3: What's the REAL Difference

Тематика Essence Academy Tattoo theoretical course they gave me the opportunity to learn valuable concepts in order to become a professional and “legally approved” tattoo artist.

However, as I told you in a previous article (here Часть 1 and Part 2) this series has one aspect that made this course really special.

It is well known that student success depends largely on their commitment, as well as on the skills and enthusiasm of the teacher in teaching their subject.

The teachers I met at Essence Academy are professionals who, through their experience, have been able to make theory extremely practical and pragmatic.

On the left is Enrico, the Piercing teacher, and on the right is the Bat, the tattoo clock teacher.

Bat and Enrico for example, they have been tattooing for decades and, as teachers, they know how to convey such positive energy and energy that it is impossible to leave the theoretical course without a mad desire to get to work, roll up their sleeves and become the best tattoo artists in the world.

Their presence in answer a variety of questions about the world of tattoos it allowed me to learn about things, it would take me years of practice to find out for myself!

This positive approach obviously also influences the class and atmosphere that is created among the course participants. As mentioned earlier, the composition of the class was very diverse in both age and professional level. However, a shared passion for tattooing and a supportive environment meant that the differences were ironed out - there were many funny moments, laughter, exchange of experience and really interesting exchange of views.

Inevitable cool photo! Antonella, a health law professor, also goes well with us ;-D

As Beth rightly says, the course, like the tattoo artist's own profession, this is an exchange: give and receive.

In addition to teaching us the concepts included in the course program, it was also passed on to us. philosophy related to the art of tattooing and its practice... For me, this made the course not a cold and obligatory step towards the profession of a tattoo artist, but an opportunity enrich my vision of an art as ancient, deep and important as a tattoo.

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The tattoo artist makes his art and his skills available and the client offers him trust by trusting him with their skin and often a part of their own history.

This is an exchange that goes beyond the concept of "reward for results" and this concept that I discovered during the course is likely to be one of the best memories I will keep with me as a tattoo artist.

Maybe now you are thinking:

Well, I love this course! How do I register?

To register, simply go to the Essence Tattoo Course page.

Fill out the form with the requested information and in a short time you will be contacted directly by the secretariat, which will answer any questions and provide you with the necessary information to proceed.

For those looking to complement theory with practice, Essence Academy also offers full course for a total of 140 hours which includes both theoretical concepts useful for obtaining the certificate of competence required by the Lombardy region as well as practical tattoo lessons. Learning to tattoo with the help of tattoo artists with years of experience is a truly unprecedented opportunity!

Are there any special requirements for registration?

Yes you should be at least 18 years old and have high school diploma... Nothing else is needed. You don't need to know how to draw or take other special courses before.

If your dream is to be a professional tattoo artist, you just need to take the first step!