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Animal Tattoos: Terrible Violence or Art?

Perhaps, reading the title of the article, it seemed strange to you to talk about it "animal tattoo". You might think that with the help of Photoshop, some artist depicted an animal, tattooing it on it, but let's talk about real animal tattoos this is another fish kettle.

It's true, tattoo animal How we could tattoo a person is hard to imagine for those who have a cat, dog, four-legged friend, or who just love animals. But there are people who do this: they take their pet to a tattoo artist, who injects him with a sedative (completely or under local anesthesia), puts him on the bed and tattoo.

In addition to the love that a person can have for both tattoos and animals, even to the point that he wants to mix both, where is the border between art and violence?

Is it correct to make a tattoo on a living creature that cannot express agreement or disagreement, which cannot even rebel against the will of the master?

Anesthetized, the animal will probably not suffer much, but the anesthesia itself is not an unnecessary risk, nor is it stressful for the animal, which will still have to endure annoying tattoo healing process?

As you know, animal skin is more sensitive than human skin. To get a tattoo, animal skin must be temporarily shaved, so it must be exposed to harmful external agents (including bacteria, ultraviolet rays, the animal's own saliva) that increase the risk of irritation and infection.

Until recently, tattooing animals was not considered illegal from any country, state or city, probably because no one ever thought there was a need for a law to protect our four-legged friends from such things. However, with the spread of this fashion, especially in the USA and Russia, there appeared those who began to prohibit and punish those who decided tattooing your pet for aesthetic purposesrather than identifying. In fact, it is customary for many animals to get tattoos on body parts, such as the ear or inner thigh, so that they can be identified and found in case of loss. It is quite another matter to tattoo your pet to satisfy certain aesthetic whims of the owner.

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New York State was the first to declare that tattooing an animal for aesthetic purposes is cruel, mistreatment and improper and useless use of their decision-making power over the animal. This position was a reaction to the many controversies that arose thereafter. Mistach Metro, a tattoo artist from Brooklyn, he got his pit bull tattooed using anesthesia given to the dog for spleen surgery. Apparently, he shared the photos online, which sparked a storm of protests and controversy.

Fashion to tattoo your dogs or cats It didn't take long to arrive in Italy either. Already in 2013, AIDAA (Italian Association for the Protection of Animals) reported that their owners had tattooed more than 2000 pets for aesthetic purposes. Considering the pain caused to the dog or cat, in terms of psychophysical stress, tattooing animals is ill-treatment put an end and on which Italian law has not yet taken its position. But we hope that this will happen soon, and, like in New York, this insane fashion, victimized by defenseless living beings, will one day be severely punished.

In the meantime, we expect that the tattooists themselves are the first to refuse to tattoo a living creature, whatever it may be, which cannot decide for its own body.