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Sun Tattoos: Practical Tips on How to Avoid Trouble


Sea, beach, comfortable bed to lie on and here so: the world immediately becomes more beautiful... But there is always a “but”, be careful, because under the sun, when we persist in trying to make our skin caramel, we risk getting burns, ruining our skin and, for those who have them, our tattoos.

So, here are some practical tips on what to do and DON'T do on the beach in the sun and how protect tattoo from evil ultraviolet rays.

1. Get a tattoo at the right time

Getting a tattoo before flying out to a sunny location is not the best idea you could come up with. If you go to a good tattoo artist in the summer, he will definitely ask you if you will go to the sea, and if so, he will advise you to wait until the end of the vacation or tell you. to ensure that the sun, salt, or the typical summer carelessness does not interfere with the healing of the tattoo.

2. Moisturizing, moisturizing and more, moisturizing

As a rule, a fresh tattoo needs to be constantly moisturized with special creams that keep the skin elastic and promote healing and proper pigment deposition. Under the sun, this rule becomes HOLY... To prevent the skin from drying out, apply the cream more often and massage until absorbed. After that, we recommend the usual "drink a lot", "eat fresh fruits and vegetables."

3. Best ally against the sun: sun protection.

Under the sun, you should use creams with sunscreen that protects against UV raysharmful to our skin in many ways, from common sunburn to cancer. For those with tattoos, speech becomes even more important. Choose suitable sun protection (for example, if your skin is white as milk, protection 15 is not allowed on the first day in the sun).

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There are also special means to protect tattoos from the sun's rays. Look for a special cream that is free of titanium dioxide or other metals so that it doesn't ruin the tattoo, but rather protects the shine and clarity of the colors.

4. The more you sunbathe, the more the tattoo fades.

That's right, the more sun hits your skin, the more the ink fades, making the drawing vague. This is due to the fact that tanning "burns" the surface layers of the epidermis, and this process also damages the ink, which fades, and in the case of tattoos with black pigments, becomes bluish-greenish-grayish.

5. A pleasant refreshing bath is inevitable!

It is almost impossible to be on the beach without swimming in the sea, but your tattoo, especially if done recently suffer from dryness caused by salinity. So, as soon as you get out of the water, rinse the affected area with fresh water and moisturize with cream and sunscreen.

ATTENTION: swimming in the sea or pool a few days after the tattoo it is very dangerous... The procedure for applying a tattoo consists in multiple (more precisely, a thousand times) piercing of the skin to penetrate the ink, which creates microcracks in the layers of the skin. There have been cases of very serious infections that not only permanently ruined the skin and tattoo, but also caused serious health risks.

6. But what if I hid it?

Not even... Do not cover this area with tapes, tapes, etc., as this may cause sweating of the skin and irritation of the tattoo. Better to moisturize creams and sunscreenavoiding the hottest hours of the day, when the sun is beating down harder, and allowing yourself to rest in the shade from time to time. As an alternative, pamper yourself with a beautiful white t-shirtlike the ones that mom cut out and put on your shoulders when you were little.

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Remember: your tattoo and its healing are far more important than sunbathing.