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Tattoos that shouldn't be done in life (and why)


Stars on my knees

Le 6 or 8-pointed stars on your knees belong to a wide range tattoos typical of Russian criminals and mafiosi... It is these tattoos that are commonly seen on characters with the highest crime rates in Russia. In short, unless you are a member of the Russian mafia or a prisoner, there is no reason to get star tattoos on your knees.

Spider web on the elbow

Here's another tattoo that you should NOT get if your average home doesn't have barred windows. V tattoo with spider web on the elbow usually this is a long time spent in prison. They even say that the wider the Internet, the more years he spent in prison.

The metaphor is clear enough: the net is a prison, and the prisoner is the victim trapped inside. But why is the cobweb tattooed on the elbow?

Actually, not for aesthetic reasons, even placement has a symbolic meaning associated with the fact that the prisoner spends so much time in prison doing nothing, symbolically leaning his elbows on the table that a spider web grows on it.

Black tear on my face

Il Black tear tattoo meaning on the face varies depending on the case and the geographic region, but in each case it typical prisoner tattoo.

In many cases, this means a long stay in prison, but very often who tattoos the black tear on the face he tells the world what he has killed someone (or at least tried).

3 or 5 points on the arm

The dots on the arm may look like very trendy little tattoo, in fact even so they come from the world of criminals, prisoners and Latin gangs.

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3 points located as the vertices of a triangle in fact, they often represent the words “My crazy life“Which, let's face it, are not particularly original. They belong to life outside the law (and in prison). Since many Latin gang members are also very religious, 3 dots can also be Trinity reference.

On the other hand, those who go from three to five points on the hand want to indicate the time (usually long) spent behind bars.

Five-pointed crown

No, this is not a princess tattoo. If you are not a member of the Latin Kings gang, you might get 5 point crown tattoo this might be a bad idea. Latin Kings are the Chicago gang, or rather, one of them. largest criminal gangs in the United States... Their origins date back to 1940 and have been in and out of prisons ever since.

Swastika tattoo

In fact, this is self-explanatory. You don't even need to explain why no need to get a swastika tattoo... But for those who still doubt, the swastika is the emblem of Nazism, a nationalist political movement promoted by Adolf Hitler, a little man, not quite the one who exterminated millions of innocent men, women and children.

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

Tattoos in other languages ​​found online (and without the help of a native speaker)

This happens all too often: someone sees a tattoo on the Internet in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or languages ​​other than their own, and, without doing the necessary research, continues to tattoo them on themselves.

It may sound absurd, but I guarantee you that This happens all the time.It goes without saying here that it's never a good idea to get one tattoo in another language without asking for an opinion reliable native speaker.

Ps. According to Google, the symbols tattooed on the character's arm below mean "Golden Cow".

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Tattoo with your partner's name

I will not tire of repeating: everyone does what he wants and gets a tattoo what he wants. But if this is not the man or woman of your life, tattoo their name, perhaps in giant letters, not a good idea.

This may sound like trivial advice, but above all tattoo your boyfriend or girlfriend's name, make sure you stay together forever ... or at least for several decades!