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Tattio, a smart tattoo created by Microsoft

As we live in a world that is increasingly integrating with technology, Microsoft engineers have begun work on a really interesting project called Tattio... Tattio is a project inspired by temporary tattoos that have recently come back into fashion in a gem-set gold version. to make temporary tattoos not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional!

In fact, Tattio is an on-the-skin technology that allows empower interactions between technology and people... In addition to this aspect, the production of Tattio tattoos seems to have very low costs and fully customizable... With its tiny design, this tech temporary tattoo is also durable enough to last all day and can be easily removed by the wearer. The engineers also thought about developing a phone application that would allow users to interact with each other through Tattio, creating “digital accounts” with personalized text and images.

The idea is undoubtedly innovative: human skin is the largest organ of the body and for this reason the number one candidate for implementation technologies that can interact with people.

What do you think? Would you use a gold or color Tattio tattoo that you created?