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Surprise! Monami Frost opens Frost Burgers, a vegan burger bar in Liverpool ⋆ Tattoomuse.it

The post quickly garnered over 80 likes. The vegan theme is especially dear to Monami and, of course, many of his followers.

Along with the announcement, the famous instagrammer also posted a video on YouTube that describes the initiative in more detail.

In the video, Monami Frost is very happy and excited about the opportunity to make an announcement and states:

“Today I am so damn happy to bring you this news ... the biggest and craziest news ever. For the past year we have worked like crazy to open a burger bar. "

In fact, the project was not a walk in the park. Monami reveals in the video that he received the keys to the room shortly before due to problems that had arisen up to that point with various permits and builders.

He then stated that this initiative was not carried out in collaboration with any company or brand. This is her own job, and she intends to continue working with her team completely autonomously, in honor of the fans who supported her and allowed her to come to this choice!

What can I say, good Monami!