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Соблазнительно со стилем: все татуировки Леванте

Image Source: Levante on Instagram

The handsome and talented singer Levante won the hearts of many Italians. Her style is a little vintage, a little gypsy and a little trendy that inspires many women and girls. And it is clear that from all the details of her image, not even Levante tattoos they could go unnoticed.

Unlike many of his peers and colleagues, Levante doesn't have many tattoos. Here is a list of Levante tattoos with the relative meaning that the singer attributed to them (as far as I could find out 😉

Tattoo "Take care of yourself" on the arm

Of all Lavante's tattoos, the one with the words “Take care of yourself” is one of the most visible and photographed by the singer. The choice of this phrase is not accidental: "Take Care" is actually the title of her second album (2015), and this phrase, as was said in an interview with Tattoolife, reminds her of the importance of protection. in relation to yourself in order to love each other.

The other wrist has a "+" symbol that reminds of a past love story.

Old school gypsy tattoo 

And here is Levante's gypsy soul! He really has a tattoo on his arm. donna the gypsy old school style, with the Latin inscription "For Aspera Ad Astra(Which means: "To the stars, through difficulties"). This tattoo is important for Levante because the woman is wrapped in a rosary (and Rosario is the father's name).

An elephant tattoo on his hands

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

And in this case, Levante chose the Old School style for his elephant tattoo... Why did Levante get the elephant tattoo? Because it is a symbolic animal of Catania, the hometown of the Levant, to which she is very attached, and this tattoo was made as a talisman before a very important tour!

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Tiger tattoo on his hands

 Also on the arm, the same one on which Levante has tattoos with a gypsy woman and a happy elephant, there is also an old-school tiger, which for the singer personifies strength and pride.

Playing card suit tattoo

This is the very first tattoo of the Levante, it represents 4 suits of playing cards and is located on the side of the singer. Also in this case, the choice is not at all random or purely aesthetic: in fact, it is a tattoo inspired by a quote from “Eat when fuori piove', a song that Levante included in his first album'User's Guide'(2014).