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Rick Genest - "Bad Boy" in the new SIKA song

We've already talked about the legendary Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) earlier (in case you missed him, here's the link). And what can I say ... he's a wonderful man, but above all, very, very, very tattooed. One of those children with whom we happily wake up next to, but maybe we will be careful when introducing mom.

His appearance and participation in Sika's new video titled "Bad Boy"where Rick plays the role of the tough and bad guy, definitely more intriguing for the singer than the gym-keen and bulging guys who dance around her.

Here is the official video in question:

Badboy (Official Music Video) - SIKA ft. Zombie Boy

In short, anyone who, like us, loves tattoos and tattooed guys, or simply adores Zombie Boy, can only agree with the singer that he prefers Rick over others. And as the wise Sika says in this song: “I need a man, not ... a bitch!”<3