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Split Tongue: 5 Good Reasons to Want a Split Tongue


There are bodily changes that most may find strange and pointless, such as tattoos in the eyes or excessive dilation of the nostrils, chin, etc. cleft tongue This is probably one of those mods that you either love or hate, but did you know that there are at least 5 good reasons to get yourself forked tongue? Let's see how they are together!

What is cleft tongue?

ong splitting, split tongueor forked tongue in Italian they are all terms for describing body modification, which consists in dividing the tip of the tongue into two parts. The operation is performed by a highly experienced body modification piercer who cuts and sutures the two parts of the tongue.

Well, now that we know what a split language is, let's move on to the 10 well-known good reasons why it is not a bad idea.

1 • Split tongue is one of the most discreet body modifications.

Okay, having a forked tongue can be a little "weird", but only you will know that you have it, and the lucky few you decide to show it to. A the forked tongue is very easy to hide, primarily because it is hidden in the mouth; secondly, because unless you intentionally move the two parts of the tongue separately, you are unlikely to notice that the tongue is cut off.

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So in the case of interviews, work, conversations with impressionable people, conservatives, priests, etc. Just don't show your tongue or brag about your favorite tricks.

2 • Why do you need one language when you can have two?

It the funniest part of splitting tongue this is the main reason for wanting it. After the two parts of the tongue have healed, you can manipulate them separately. This means you can do a lot of fun tricks like overlapping or moving two parts of the tongue, separating or joining two parts, and so on.

Whoever did it says that it is like acquiring a new part of the body that needs to be controlled, for example, another eye or another hand, from which you no longer want to separate! Sounds strange, but fun, doesn't it?

3 • Achieve this quickly, painlessly, and you can come back if you want.

Unlike many bodily changes, such as scarification, a split tongue is done quickly, painlessly, and if you want, you can bring your entire tongue back.

When the forked tongue is done by a professional, the procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. The technician simply makes an incision along the dotted line, cauterizes and sutures.

And if you regret it? Return is possible. Even after many years, it will be sufficient to make incisions on both sides of the tongue and allow them to connect during healing (from a surgical point of view, this is a little more complicated, but I will not go into details).

4 • You will be able to do everything as before, and further

Speaking, whistling, clicking your tongue won't be a problem after you make a split tongue. In fact, the language's ability to do everything it did before remains, but you can learn new skills. Even oral sex seems to score a lot thanks to the split tongue!

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Plus, by controlling two parts of the language, you can perform some pretty cool tricks to impress your friends ... or your grandmother.

5 • You like it and you want to do it

This is the main reason why splitting the language might be a good idea. If you like it and want to do it, do it. Divided language impresses many people, in both good and negative ways, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some may label you because you have a forked tongue, literally this time. It can be an opportunity to get rid of those people who like to judge others.

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And to critics, respected and connoisseurs of the world, let's say, cute ... GOAT GOAT GOAT! ;-D