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What NEVER tell the tattoo artist (unless you want to be hated) ⋆ Tattoomuse.it

Each profession has its own pros and cons, worst and best clients. Tattoo artists are no exception, quite the contrary. Due to the fact that 90% of the time they spend with people and bear some kind of responsibility for their skin, and constantly, they often face problems. situations at the limit of human knowledge.

What are the craziest things a client can ask a tattoo artist? How to make him angry in record time?

Here is a list things you should NEVER tell your tattoo artistunless, of course, he wants to make you hate!

Is the machine sterilized? And the needles?

Only ask this question if you are tattooing your cousin's drunk friend in his grandmother's basement. This question makes sense, in a professional studio NO.

“Do you see this Chinese dragon with golden wings on which Genghis Khan sits in armor? Now, I want to get a tattoo on my finger. "

Come on, do you really think that a terribly complex and detailed subject can be reduced to the size of a bob? Obviously you can't.

"Do you have a Maori alphabet catalog?"

There is no Maori alphabet. Get over it!

"Okay, now you pass the razor, but after you get the tattoo, will the hair grow back on it?"

No, you will remain hairless forever, and indeed, in the worst case scenario, your hair will grow thicker, longer and, above all, COLORFUL!

"But if I go to the gym and get muscular, doesn't that deform?"

You are planning become like Dwayne Johnson? If this is the case, it may be best to return to the tattoo artist when the surgery is complete.

"I saw the tattoo on the Internet, but I don't remember what it was."

Eh, good dilemma. It may sound strange, but a tattoo artist is not a creature that can read minds or recall memories. Unfortunately, many studios are not even equipped with a crystal ball.

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"Give me advice, what kind of tattoo would you get in my place?"

Probably, if you ask a tattoo artist about it, he will tell you not to get a tattoo at all. But then what is the question ?!

"Don't you think you're a little expensive?"

And if you really want to piss off, just add: "My friend who tattoo at home takes less."

Like all artists and merchants, even tattoo artists have the sacred right to set the prices they want. And a friend who tattoo at home does what he shouldn't.

“Oh, how about a meeting? I want you to tattoo me immediately. "

First, it doesn't say “I want”. And secondly, almost every studio on Earth has a waiting list, especially if it is located in a big city. There is nothing to be done, beautiful ones need to wait a bit.

"I would like another tattoo artist to do this, can you copy it?"

Well, maybe this is the worst thing: asking an artist to copy another artist's work. Besides that ethically wrong, because it is better not to copy a tattoo, a tattoo artist is an artist with his own creativity and style.

Here's my guide to the most annoying things you can ask a tattoo artist. Can you think of others? Have you ever made a tattoo artist angry?