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Unexpected trend: "ugly" tattoos

Usually when you get a tattoo, the goal is to get a beautiful tattoo that others can admire. You pick the best artist, yeah stalkera on social media to see his work, in short: the tattoo must be nicely... Is that correct?

But not even, perhaps this is no longer the case. It's time to talk about a trend that is now too cumbersome to ignore, and which, frankly, intrigued me a lot.

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Fashion for "ugly" tattoos

A growing number of artists (I hope I won't offend anyone by calling them artists. In case, bear with me) are gaining popularity on Instagram, posting pictures of tattoos done in what I would call ... childish? Deliberately grotesque?

In short, art has a thousand shapes and colors, and in this case, these tattoos are so ugly that they swirl and become beautiful.

It may sound incredible to you, but somehow people notice something filling the diaries of these dating tattoo artists!

To be honest, the comments on these tattoos aren't always flattering. Obviously, a lot of people are wondering who will ever pay real money for a tattoo that appears to have been done by their 5 year old grandson.

But still, these tattoos have their own charm. They are ugly, it's true. They are made by a person who, it seems, cannot draw, well. And yet I find them very ironic. I like to think that said artists know how to create amazing tattoos if they wanted to, but they don't want to, and indeed, contrary to what everyone expects, they create tattoos on purpose, on purpose. ugly.

In this light, this style "ugly"It has the charm of rebellioncontemporary art, those artistic movements that a healthy and sighted person recognizes as ugly and absurd, but on a subconscious level he sees an intriguing “I don’t know what”.

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Who said that tattoos, like permanent ones, must be beautiful? Who defines what is “beautiful” or “ugly”? Let's tackle these classic beauty canons!

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Perhaps not everyone will appreciate this new nascent style, I admit it is not easy. However, it cannot be denied that a person who has the courage to get such tattoos has a deep sense of irony, even self-irony, and probably doesn’t care 100% what others might think.