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Not decided on a tattoo? Here's an app to try out before you do it!

Have you ever seen or thought about a tattoo that you would like to get, but are a little undecided? Or not knowing exactly where to do it on the body? Now this will no longer be a problem, because an application has been invented allowing through reality has increasedto try out the tattoo in a preview and see how it fits!

It is called Ink hunter, and was developed by a young development team from Ukraine. It took over a year to create this incredible tool that allows us to use precise algorithms to position a drawing on a point of our body and render it as if it were tattooed on the skin. Everything is very simple, but graphically very efficient. For use Ink Hunter and start doing the first tests with the tattoos we need, all you need is a smartphone and a pen.

The pen is used to outline a point on the body where we would like to tattoo a small square, which will serve as an anchor point for the application. simulation tattoo... Here's a video showing how this awesome app works:

INKHUNTER - the best mobile app for trying on virtual tattoos using augmented reality

At the momentthe application allows you to "try" different tattoos made by different artists., but it is also possible to insert sketches or drawings made by the user manually through the camera. To get the most realistic simulation, you can also play with some filters, such as a gradient effect that simulates a long-hardened and slightly faded tattoo.

application Ink Hunter is free and currently only available for IOS.but the idea of ​​the creators is to one day get a platform that can put those who want to get a tattoo in contact with the artist who can create it.

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