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Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?


Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy? The answer to this question is yes, it is possible. But be careful: The question that is perhaps more correct to ask if you are going to get a tattoo during pregnancy is different. Is it wise to get a tattoo during pregnancy?

Let's see what the risks are and why it's better to wait.

Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?

As we said, getting a tattoo during pregnancy is possible, but the risks must be taken into account.

The main reason the medical community is concerned about getting a tattoo during pregnancy is the possibility of contracting infections or diseases that can be as serious as hepatitis or HIV.

Nowadays, if you rely on a studio of professional tattoo artists who apply modern hygiene practices (sterilization, clean environment, disposables, gloves, the list is quite long), we can say that the possibility of contracting diseases or infections is really small.

However small it may be, this possibility is not completely ruled out. Therefore, the first consideration: do you really want to take such a big risk for a tattoo that just needs to be put off for a few months?

Lack of scientific tests

Another aspect that plays against tattooing during pregnancy is the lack of research to rule out the occurrence of any reactions or contraindications of mascara or the tattoo itself in a pregnant woman.

Hence, there are no known adverse reactions to ink or the process that involves getting a tattoo while waiting for a baby, however this lack of evidence is due to lack of specific studies and previous cases... I don’t know about you, but if I was pregnant, I certainly would not be a pioneer in discovering any negative effects.

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In addition, a tattoo is an unnecessary aesthetic decoration; of course, it should not be exposed to even a minimal risk to your health and the health of the unborn child.

What about the breastfeeding phase?

Also in this case, doctors advise mothers not to get tattoos while breastfeeding, because they do not know what effect a tattoo can have on a new mother and baby. The particles that make up tattoo ink are too large to pass into breast milk, but there are no studies that can say with certainty that there is no contraindication.

What about expectant mothers who already have tattoos?

Obviously, there is no problem for tattoos done before pregnancy. Obviously, belly tattoos can "warp" or warp slightly due to the large transformation associated with pregnancy, but don't worry: there are tools to minimize the distortion of the tattoo after pregnancy is over!

According to many, the most effective remedy is using oils that make the skin more elastic, such as almond or coconut oil. These two products also reduce the formation of stretch marks, which obviously do not help if they appear on the surface of the tattoo.

This may sound trivial, but it is also important to diet and drink a lot so that the skin is always in a state of optimal hydration.

And if you just can't resist getting a tattoo, why not consider henna? In this article, you can see many great tummy tattoo ideas for expectant mothers.

Note: the content of this article was not written by a physician. The above has been compiled through online research and searching for as much material as possible on this topic, which unfortunately, as mentioned, is not that much.

For more information or clarification of any kind as this is such an important topic, I recommend see a doctor / gynecologist.

Some useful information I found here: https://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/tattoos/

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