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My tattoo means nothing ⋆ Tattoomuse.it

Every tattoo can make a difference. Or not.

Think for a moment: a few years ago there weren't that many tattooed people, not because they weren't there, but because their tattoos were well hidden under their clothes. The tattoo was done because it had a meaning, important to the person who wanted it. Others did not have to see it, the tattoo was something "for themselves."

Has anything changed today in our attitude towards tattoos? 

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The meaning of tattoos

The art of tattooing dates back to the deep depths of the centuries, and it doesn't matter which tribe they belonged to: there are tattoos always mattered... Tattoos used to complete rites of passage (for example, into adulthood), to denote social status or to indicate goals, always have deep social, cultural or religious significance.

To say that this is no longer the case today would be a serious mistake. Although tattoos are devoid of the most ancient and spiritual meaning, tattoos are stillexpressing the history and personality of many people.

However, it is equally true that with the customs clearance of tattoos in recent decades, there is now a flow of people who accept and get tattoos for purely aesthetic purpose... Not necessarily meaning: a tattoo is beautiful in itself, it is a desirable decoration, an accessory can be desired. Think of ornamental tattoos, for example.

Or, conversely, to ugly tattoos (that is, deliberately made ugly).

It is right?

It is not right?

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Many might think that an important thing is constant, because a tattoo cannot but make sense. The risk of regretting a meaningless tattoo, in their opinion, is extremely high.

This argument is logically flawless, but ... who are we to judge?

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A tattoo made for purely aesthetic purposes has its own historical and cultural context. This is a symbol of expressive freedom, which did not exist a few years ago. This is a signal that you are a purposeful person, perhaps a creative person who has an open vision of one's "aesthetics" (Will this word exist? ed).

What do you think? Should tattoos always have meaning? Or we can accept the gods purely "just beautiful" tattoos?