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Minimal tattoos - perfect for a start

Among the latest trends in the world of tattoos, there are certainly i Tattoos are minimal. Minimal tattoos are tattoos that are done with thin lines, basic shapes, and often feature geometric shapes. But not only. The variety of minimalist tattoos ranges from animal kingdom to floral tattoos through lettering, astronomical objects or silhouettes.

Minimal tattoos, given their understated and elegant nature, are often the first choice for those looking to get a tattoo. And if you're wondering which item to pick, you're spoiled for choice! The simplicity of form allows for highly personal, metaphorical or purely decorative tattoos with results that will never be predictable or trivial.

Minimal tattoos are also very versatile when it comes to where to get them on the body. Fingers, ankles, thighs or collarbones: there is no limit to your imagination!

The beauty of this style lies in the elegant and original result, which was immediately winked at by many fashion bloggers as well as celebrities. Among the most popular objects we find classic hearts, stars, infinity symbol or anchor. Drawing from the animal world, they go crazy in silhouette cats, swallows, moose and bears while we copy those known to the rest of nature dandelion (commonly called "sofiotti") flowers and trees.

Another great facet of this style is it is written. Minimal lettering tattoos are done with very clean and poorly designed typefaces like Helvetica, but also typefaces. handwriting, very soft and makes it feel like someone wrote on our skin with a regular ballpoint pen. Quotes from books or movies, as well as mathematical or geometric formulas, are especially popular with all real geeks 🙂

Geometric shapes such as lines, circles, triangles and squaresCombined and sometimes interconnected, they represent the quintessence of minimalist tattoos.

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It would seem that minimal tattoos are done only with outilines very thin blacks, but this is not entirely true. You can also maintain a minimalist look by adding spot colors or slightly tinted colors to create light points in your design.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an idea for your first tattoo or want to add sophisticated embellishment to your canvas, minimal tattoos are undoubtedly great candidates.