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A nurse with rainbow hair, piercings and tattoos has been criticized. Here is his answer!

What happened to Mary, a nurse working in Virginia, is clear evidence of prejudice that is still slowly dying: prejudice and discrimination against tattoos in the workplace.

Mary Wells Penny she's actually a young nurse who helps dementia and Alzheimer's patients at an institute in Virginia. Once, while running errands in a store, the cashier openly criticized her for her appearance.

Mary actually has gods colorful rainbow hair, as well as piercings and tattoos. As she was about to pay, the cashier noticed her nurse badge and couldn't help but tell her, “I'm surprised you were allowed to work this way. What do your patients think of your hair? "

The cashier even looked for further support among the queues. Another lady said that she was shocked that the hospital would allow this.

After this exhausting conversation, Mary went home and posted her thoughts on the matter on Facebook, drawing the attention of thousands of people to a very relevant topic: the prejudice that a person is considered more or less suitable for certain professions, based on having a tattoo, piercing or, as is the case with Mary, very dyed hair.

Mary's experience is a typical example of prejudice that is still deeply ingrained among many people. regardless of culture of origin, generation, gender and social class... However, there is one thing in this Young Nurse article example of courage and initiative to change! Mary actually writes on Facebook:

“I can't even remember a time when my hair color prevented me from performing vital procedures for one of my patients. My tattoos never stopped them from holding my hand while they were scared and crying because Alzheimer's had made them mad.

My numerous ear piercings never stopped me from hearing their memories of better days or their last wishes.

My tongue piercing has never stopped me from saying words of encouragement to a newly diagnosed patient or comforting loved ones. "

Mary then concludes by saying:

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"Please explain to me HOW my appearance, given my cheerful disposition, my desire to serve and my smiling face, can make me unsuitable for being a good nurse!"

Holy words, Mary! When a professional such as a doctor, nurse, lawyer and anyone else demonstrates seriousness, competence, reliability, why prejudice about his appearance should this keep us from trust and respect? Should tattoos, piercings, and hair color be critical to be positively viewed in the workplace?

What do you think?

Image source and post translation taken from Mary Wells Penny's Facebook profile