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Small and trendy tattoos: here are all Chiara Biazi's tattoos

With about one million seven hundred thousand followers on Instagram, a line of swimwear and a book under the belt, it cannot be said that Chiara Biazi is not versed in fashion and trends.

And not only in the world of fashion, Chiara Biazi inspires many girls: the smallest. Chiara Biazi's tattoos they are among the most popular and (alas) copied, so much so that the fashion blogger has expressed her disappointment in this regard.

In fact, Chiara has many small tattoos, many of which are small and very trendy. Even if copying someone else's tattoo is never beautiful, it is really not recommended, it must be said that many of Chiara Biazi's tattoos they are not entirely original, but rather symbols and inscriptions that we could easily define as "clichés" of tattoos.

However, I think that everyone should be able to freely choose their tattoos, with or without meaning, inspired by someone else or not.

But no more chatter, let's get down to the analysis small Biasi tattoos (those that I can at least somehow describe), and please don't copy them because it is annoying.

  1. Rebel heart tattoo on back

    The Rebel Heart tattoo on the back is undoubtedly simple, with a linear and clean font. A small tattoo that could hide a lot of meaning.

  2. Tattoo with the inscription "Ad maiora" on the arm.Latin inscription tattoos have always been popular and Biazi cannot complain if there are many who "copy them" because in fact "Ad Maiora" (which is actually a formula of desires for achieving goals or happy situations). perhaps one of the most popular. tattooed latin phrases ever.
  3. Tattoo feather on the shoulderAnother not very original tattoo. I don't know what importance Chiara gave to this, but if you want to know what meaning a feather tattoo can have, check here.
  4. Unaloma tattoo on handUnalome tattoos are another trend in recent years because they are necessary, very cute and have a very beautiful meaning.
  5. Rose back tattooMany of Chiara Biazi's tattoos are on her back and this also applies to the small rose tattoo that she has just below her left shoulder blade.
  6. Cross tattoo, groinOn the side of the lower abdomen, Chiara tattooed a not quite small black cross. Will this be a symbol of faith?
  7. Tattoo with the number 8 on the arm

    It can be a billiard ball or not, in fact it is a circle with the number 8. Chiara almost never explains what her tattoos symbolize, but it can be quite simple: 8 is a lucky number and also a symbol of infinity.

  8. Skull tattoo on wrist

    Chiara Biazi has a small horned skull tattoo on the inside of her wrist. I would not like to make wild assumptions, but I would almost say that it is a buffalo skull.

  9. Tattoo with the inscription "Libera" on the arm.The meaning is very clear, the beauty of this little tattoo lies in the correct and very simple choice of font.
  10. Tattoo with Arabic letters along the spineEveryone wants to know what that means, and Chiara doesn't hesitate to keep the secret. And I admit it, because in the end it could be something very personal to write about.
  11. Tattoo with an unidentified newt-like animal on the armI have no idea what kind of animal it is, it has a fishtail and possibly a lizard face. That is, I don’t know. But it is small, it is on hand, and the fans seem to like it a lot.
  12. Elephant tattoo

    This is a small elephant drawn in a very simple way. It's one of the hottest topics on the net lately, and the meaning of an elephant tattoo is definitely tattoo-worthy.

  13. Tattoo with zodiac symbol, female sex symbol, triangles and constellation on the arm and wristThe meaning of these symbols is self-explanatory. They are mostly decorative and will “probably” refer to the month of his birth. This type of tattoo has become extremely popular lately because they are very small, discreet and elegant.
  14. Underbrush with beetle Egyptian

    Also in this case, we are faced with a tattoo that is destined to become popular. Small in size, big in meaning and perhaps one of Chiara's less obvious tattoos.

  15. Small crocodile tattoo on the backAgain, no meaning was found, but this is a small and not very common tattoo done in black and white in a realistic style.
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Image source: Chiara Biazi's Instagram profile