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Best Tattoo Books in 2021

If you are looking to become a tattoo artist or if you are passionate about tattoos, you are probably wondering if there is any literature to glean from to learn more about the history and methods of this ancient art.

Good news: there are many books on this topic that are definitely worth your time, and other good news, below you will find list of the best tattoos what could you read in 2021!

When it comes to tattoo book, you can come across two main categories of books: catalogs or essays.

The former mainly show images and drawings for a specific style (or multiple styles if it is a complete and general book), while essays explore a specific topic (e.g. tribal tattoos, old school, etc.)

But no more chatter, let's get started.

1. Forever more. New tattoo.

This relatively recent book (2018) is a good starting point for exploring the culture of modern tattooing. Among the names that appear on its pages are already well-known artists such as Mo Ganji, as well as many new talents.

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This is a great book to flip through for inspiration.

2. The revival of the tattoo. The psychological significance of millennial art

This is a purchase recommended by professionals (or novice tattoo artists).

The history of tattooing is explored to the present day, the psychological aspects that characterize it are explored and make this millennial art still extremely popular today.

But don't be fooled by the school book-like appearance, it's a very smooth and enjoyable reading!

3. What if I get a tattoo ...

Styles, shapes, colors: everything you need to know to choose a tattoo

This may seem like a more appropriate reading for a prospective client than for a tattoo artist. However, it is inconceivable that an artist would not know the meaning of the most famous or sought-after tattoos. “And if I got myself a tattoo” could be the first approach to the meaning of the most common tattoos.

4. I want a tattoo. Semi-serious chronicles from the best tattoo parlors in Italy

For lovers (shoot) Comic, this book is perfect! You know when we talked about not telling a tattoo artist? This book contains the most "interesting" anecdotes about some of the Italian tattoo parlors! This can be a good gift for a tattoo artist.

5. IREZUMI Legends on the skin.

History, origin and meaning of Japanese tattoo

Among the best books on tattoos, no one dedicated to Japanese style should be missed. Japanese tattoos are rich in history and meaning, so it is not easy to get them following traditional techniques.

If you want to get closer to this style, get ready to learn!

6 years of tattoos. The history of tattooing from 100 to the present day.

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

The history of Old School tattooing is ancient, but not too ancient. From the early 900s to the present day, old school tattoos have not lost any of their charm, but the wearer's reputation has not always been the best. This book is a pleasant journey through the history of tattooing over the past 100 years.

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7. Tattoos of the goddess.

The book on the history of tattoos, different from the usual, delighted the readers with its originality and completeness.

In particular, the book intertwines figure of the primordial goddess (and its historical development) withcustom female tattoo... Truly the reading it deserves!

8. Russian criminal tattoo: 1

A book in English and the first volume in a series of 3, which analyzes the world in a very comprehensive and interesting way Russian tattoos... Highly recommended reading for those who love this style and want to deepen its history and meanings!

9. Tattoo iconology. Body texts and personality swings

Do you know Egyptian mummies? Well, thanks to them we know that people have been tattooing themselves for at least five thousand years... A symbolic practice that is widespread today, but what is the meaning and value of a tattoo? If you want to take a deeper look at the psychological evolution of tattoos, this book is definitely for you!

10. Sacred and secular tattoos: of the Holy House of Loreto.

Not everyone knows that around the fifteenth century, the inhabitants of the Marche and the pilgrims who arrived in these areas used to get tattoos on their hands or forearms. These were blue tattoos with figures, mottos, crosses, sacred symbols, pierced hearts, skulls, or anchors. This book traces the origins of this interesting tradition, originating from the Sanctuary of Loreto, and collects over a hundred original tattoo designs.

11. Vintage Tattoos: Old Book - Skin Art.

Another book that fans of Old School will love!

The volume is filled with images of old school vintage tattoos that give a complete picture of the original designs and which many today find inspiration for their styles and tattoos.

12). Eat Sleep Tattoo Repeat Planner 2020

Not really a book, but a planner in which you can write down various commitments.

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This can be a good gift idea for someone who loves tattoos or a friend who works as a tattoo artist.

13). Compendium Tattoo Inspiration: an archive of images for tattoo artists and designers

Those who want to tattoo, those who are already tattooing, or those who are simply passionate about tattoos should have such a book at hand!

It's a treasure trove of inspiration to create your own designs, and on top of that, this is one of those books that is also a pleasure to have in your tattoo studio!

14). Japanese tattoo. Meanings, forms and motives.

What a charm Japanese tattoos are! Even today, this style is full of mysteries, probably due to the close connection between this art and the yakuza. The culture of Irezumi is full of ancient and profound meanings, so it is helpful to know if you are passionate about the style or even more interested in tattooing these intricate designs.