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Tattoo courses in Milan: Essence Academy

Become a professional tattoo artist This may sound daunting: getting tattoos on people's skin requires training, in-depth knowledge of hygiene rules, not to mention the training and practice required to get tattoos that our clients will not regret in the future.

So what is the path to become a tattoo artist?

There are gods tattoo master courses what can help you start your tattoo business? Is it better to take a training course or get a job as an apprentice in a tattoo studio?

I have spoken about these issues with Monica Giannubilo, director and teacher at Essence Academy, an academy with offices in Monza and Milan, recognized by the Lombardy region, which not only offers the opportunity Regional course for tattoo artists is required for qualifications in the profession, but also allows you to attend a technical-practical advanced course.

What struck me immediately upon entering Location of the Essence Academy in Monza it was modern simplicity of design. There are classic classrooms with desks for theoretical teaching and classrooms entirely designed to encourage practice. There is nothing superfluous in it, but the atmosphere is hospitable and pragmatic.

The first question I asked Monica was: How do Essence Academy courses allow you to become a tattoo artist and what opportunities open up for students after the course?

First of all, it is important to know that Essence Academy offers two types of courses for tattoo artists:

  • Il Regional theoretical course 94 hours, during which all the rules of hygiene and sanitation are learned required by law for tattooists.

    At the end of the course it is mandatory, the certificate is valid in the Lombardy region, which certifies the student's right to participate and gives him the right to open a tattoo studio.

  • Il technical and practical course, which allows you to master the technique of performing a tattoo, from the preparation of the station, the stencil to the very execution of the tattoo. Unlike the theoretical regional course, the technical-practical course is optional, but nevertheless it is mandatory. recommended for training in tattoos professionally.
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Courses can be attended separately, howeverEssence Academy provides students with the opportunity to enroll in the single course is divided into two modules, which includes a 94-hour theoretical regional course and a hands-on technical course.

In more detail, what does the theoretical regional course consist of? In other words, what is the syllabus for this course? 

The regional theoretical course consists of 94 hours, during which various specialists teach the necessary concepts of health and hygiene required by law in order to be able to practice the profession of tattooing and piercing and to open a tattoo studio. For example, you will learn about first aid techniques, how to sterilize equipment, the dermatological principles required to safely tattoo without damaging the skin, how to dispose of special waste (such as needles), some management concepts and corporate law and much more.

If we talk about a technical-practical course, on the other hand, what does it consist of and what concepts can be learned?

The course is monitored by professional tattoo artists who teach how to make a tattoo from A to Z. tattoo on synthetic leather, students will learn how to prepare the station in an optimal way, how to make a stencil correctly, how to prepare the machine and position the client according to the point on the body where the tattoo will be done.

Does the student have any special skills to participate in these courses? For example, do you need to be able to draw?

The Essence Academy has been offering these courses since 2012. ”says Monica,“ and over the years I've seen so many people graduate. Obviously for those who are already good at drawing the profitable part, but the good news is that this is not necessarily a fundamental requirement. Even people who do not know how to draw a tattoo at the end of the course do it well! ".

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The only basic requirement is to be of legal age.

During the course, teachers also convey some concepts of style, or do they allow students to discover their own style?

“Of course, the tattoo artists who teach the hands-on courses,” replies Monica, “try not to influence the students in terms of style. Indeed, they help students correct any technical mistakes, but give them complete freedom to define and express their personal style. "

How is a typical Essence Academy Tattoo lesson set up?

“In the beginning, they were mostly professional tattooists, who needed to get them approved after the Regional Certificate Law was issued. Now the classes are quite heterogeneous, there are very young 18-year-olds and more mature people who have decided to follow this path. " Monica reports, adding: “With different types of courses, let's say you see more or less all types of people at the Academy, but tattoo students are especially special. They are very determined because they do what they like, but they are also very “peace and love"Calm and positive!"


Essence Academy is a modern institution, open to new developments, closely following the world of tattoos and the changes taking place in this market.

As already mentioned, speaking of tattoo artist courses in Milan, this is a course that I highly recommend to anyone looking to approach this remarkable career, because in addition to obtaining the qualifications required by the law, it also provides an opportunity to learn the basics in the safest and most professional way.

Finally, in addition to the tattoo course, the Essence Academy conducts several courses related to aesthetics and body care, including a course in makeup, massage and professional aesthetics. Here's a video that gives you a broader overview of this Academy: