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Космическое путешествие за татуировками юного Синьорино


Everyone is talking about this poor fellow now, and, frankly, not very flattering. A little for his trap, a little for his gaze, Young Signorino managed to shatter the balance in the network, moving real avalanches of insults. We will not go into dignity in order to understand whether he deserves them or not, but let's talk about more serious things: his tattoos.

The young Signorino really did not spare his face, which he filled with many tattoos of different meanings. You'd think these face tattoos are a set of an equally tattooed body ... but NO! The young Signorino has tattoos ONLY on his face. Cause? It looks like he wanted to provoke. In this interview with Noisey, he states:

“I was there a little rush, like every evening, at five in the morning. I made a knife so that later I could say in the song: "She wants to lick the knife" "

and adds:

“I did it with the aim of provocation. I have no tattoos, they are only on my face. "

This is undoubtedly a kind of thinking, but who are we to judge? It is true that the reasoning sounds very superficial: the face is the last place to be tattooed (also according to many tattoo artists), and the young Signorino seems to do it with almost paranormal ease. I mean, maybe it was better to resort to transfers ...

Anyway, no more chatter: let's start our space travel to discover Young Tattoos Signorino!

Stage n ° 1 - Left side 

On the left side of the young Signorino's face strange signs appear, some known and others unknown. Inscriptions, droplets, real gangster knives. But then everything is on the face? With so much space that there was….

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Stage n ° 2 - Right side

The reverse side of the young Signorino's face is no better, on the contrary, the situation here becomes even more cramped. Kisses, patches, hints: everything suggests that the young Signorino wants a little affection. Therefore, he provided his face with clear signs so that the prospective volunteer (or volunteer) would know exactly what to do.

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