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Kat Von D Beauty celebrates 10 years in a special way! ⋆ Tattoomuse.it


Initiatives Kat Von D they are always beautiful: they glorify femininity, promote diversity, never regret twists and turns.

And also on the occasion XNUMX Anniversary of Kat Von D Beauty LineA makeup line designed by Kat herself, the famous tattoo artist came up with a really interesting idea to mark this milestone.

In a series of videos released over the past week, Kat has introduced 10 female muses that have inspired her and continue to inspire her.

They are really women cool, unique, talentedwho know who they are, without hesitation.

These are women who are very far from the stereotype of beauty and femininity that we are usually offered, and very close to the imaginary that one can have. team of superheroines... And in my opinion, they are superheroines, because, being a free woman, and i mean free for real, being yourself has never been easy, at any age.

But be careful, among all the female muses there is also a male one: Lifar Sayer, current husband of Kat Von Dee... It might sound hard to believe, but it looks like Kat got him involved in this campaign long before he fell in love with her!

Here's the rest 9 muses donated by Kat during these days. Good vision!

Moses n ° 2 - Egypt

Moses No. 3 - Lala

Musa № 4 - Alexandra

Musa # 5 - Gina Harrison

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Musa No. 6 - Adele

Moses n ° 7 - Melanie

Musa № 8 - Lifar Seyer

Musa # 9 - Ashley

Muse number 10 - Sylvia