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How will your tattoos look as you get older?

We've heard this phrase trillions of times, especially perhaps from those skeptics trying to convince someone who is serious about getting a tattoo. Well, this gallery of 19 photographs reveals a beautiful and less unexpected truth: tattoos as you get older to park beautiful, a unique and personal piece of jewelry, its own story that shines through on the skin. Simply put, they will not cease to be a part of us just because our skin will no longer be the same as it was before.

In these photos, these slightly older people look not only super cool, but also sensual and completely comfortable in their skin.

So the next time your mother, your uncle, your funny boyfriend friend tells you, "Come on, this tattoo will look like a dried plum when you get older!" you can take one of these photographs (or all of them) and show them the reality of the facts: our skin will remain a work of art as long as we first love it.