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The Hive Tattoo art gallery was born in Milan, the largest Italian tattoo center ⋆ Tattoomuse.it

October is certainly not my favorite month, but this year it will be because there is good news in Milan. In fact, October 1st in MilanHive Tattoo Art Gallery, new big a space dedicated to the world of tattoo!

Exactly, this new space will be on Via Pirano 9. The room is quite large, about 250 sq.m. and will include: 8 tattoo stations, 1 piercing parlor In collaboration with wild cat, a well-known German brand, world leader in piercing jewelry, art workshop, a corner where you can buy Nove25 jewelry (for this occasion, a new line was created exclusive to Hive) and Hive brand merchandising with T-shirts designed by an American artist. Tony Chavarro.

The project came to life thanks to four friends and professional tattoo artists: Luigi Marchini, Andrea Lanzi, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura e Fabio Onorini. This is not just a tattoo parlor or studio, it is a center where you can develop, learn new things and experiment.

It will be a place where you can breathe in passion for one of the oldest arts. This place was also born out of a desire to spread the idea that tattooing should go beyond fashion and the prejudice of those who still consider tattooing to be a shameful trait.

"Tattoo" says Luigi Marchini “This is a language, a form of body expression, this is art on the skin, it has its own rules and codes. Only a professional tattoo artist can guarantee not only the beauty of the result, but also accompany clients in their choice, understand their needs, discourage inappropriate requests, even if, fortunately, today people know more, have clearer ideas, they also learn to know the symbolic value of individual design and knows how to navigate between styles ".

Indeed, Ulya is not lacking in a variety of styles. Luigi in fact he specializes in Maori tattoos and tribal, Andrea в "Realistic", that is, realistic, traditional and colorful (new school), Lorenzo в realistic black and white e Fabio в "Traditional American", for those who want to always carry a pierced heart with them, those who have been in the past. But the team is not all here because there will be other super-competent staff devoted to other styles such as Japanese or neo-traditional. 

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However, as we said, Hive won't just be a tattoo and piercing shop or studio. It will also laboratory and gallerywhere many aspiring artists from the Academy of Fine Arts (or other schools who want to try their hand) will be able to find their own space to express themselves and appreciate.

Every month there will be exhibitions and art exhibitions, the air you breathe will be filled with novelty, art and inspiration! This will be a new starting point in Milan, not only for those who love tattoos, but also for those who are interested in discovering new artists!

In short, I can't wait for the opening of the Hive: a new wave of news is coming to town!