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Городские легенды: почему татуировки должны быть необычными?

Have you ever been asked how many tattoos you have and said “Do you have 3? Well done, tattoos are always weird, otherwise they bring bad luck! "... I've heard this several times, and who knows if those who said it understood why they say that an even number of tattoos brings bad luck. Do you know that? If the answer is no, keep reading!

This urban legend about the ideal number of tattoos could only have come from sailors. In other articles, I talked about which tattoos were the most popular among sailors and their meaning, which has always been associated with life at sea or with the desire to return home to your family.

The legend of an odd number of tattoos is no exception. It is said that when a sailor started his career, getting the first tattoo was a good practice. This first nautical tattoo was a rite of passage, a memory of home and an aid in overcoming the hardships of this new life away from home.

Arriving at the first destination, the new sailor got a second tattoo, symbolizing the arrival at the first destination.

Returning home (which was not obvious in the conditions of that time in terms of hygiene, health and safety), the sailor got a third tattoo, symbolizing the return.

Having only two tattoos meant that it was impossible to return home - a tragedy that a man with his family and loved ones would never want to experience!

You could say, “What if a sailor made two voyages? He would have got 6 tattoos!

Actually, no, because the first tattoo before leaving was done only once at the beginning of his career. So if a sailor left and came back, he always had an odd number of tattoos! In short, the reasoning is in order.

Having made this premise on the history of this legend, should we attach importance to it? Personally, I'm not a superstitious person, so I don't think the number of tattoos can bring bad luck. No one forbids believing this or simply using this rumor to give meaning to your tattoos.

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Isn't it true that everyone's life is comparable to traveling? Whether you want to return to your port or always head to new places, the number of tattoos can be another expression of yourself!