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White tattoos: what you need to know before getting them


We have seen a lot of them lately, especially on social networks, and we see that they are really very beautiful, because the effect they produce is almost the same as a scar, which, however, forms inscriptions or drawings. We are talking about white tattoo, that is, made with white ink instead of black or colored.

But what are the contraindications for these tattoos (if any)?

Is getting a white tattoo a good idea?

The answer cannot be dry, say no. In some cases, this may not be the best idea. Reason for which?

Let's take a look at 5 things to consider before getting a white tattoo together.

1. White ink it gets damaged very easily.

Skin is an unusual thing, but as you know, each skin reacts differently and absorbs tattoo ink. White ink, precisely because it is a light color, tends to change more over time than other colors, especially if you are a tanning fan or if your skin tends to produce melatonin.

People with very light skin who find it difficult to tan are potentially most suitable for a white tattoo. In general, white tattoos should be very well protected from sunlight.

2. White ink is not suitable for shades..

White ink is often used in color or black and white tattoos to create highlights. In other cases, artists use it to create linear and not overly detailed drawings. Over time, the ink may fade, making the subject unclear or even unrecognizable.

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Therefore, it is important to rely on a tattoo artist who is well aware of the potential of white ink, because he will be best able to advise on which item to choose.

3. White tattoos often resemble wounds or skin irritations. 

With the above in mind, ask yourself over and over whether the design you have chosen is white ink or not. For example: do you like stars? Avoid thembecause with white ink they will look like pimples.

4. Do white tattoos absorb color?

No, this is nonsense. Modern white ink does not absorb color, does not mix with blood, absolutely does not absorb clothing color and other external dyes.

White is a very special and unusually opaque color for a light color, in fact it is often also used for cover-up (needless to say, this is a tricky color).

5. White ink may disappear completely over time.

Sounds like a strong statement, but after many years a white tattoo can become almost invisible. This is due to the normal cycle of skin regeneration, which usually affects all types of color, up to melatonin and so on.

The placement chosen also plays an important role: a white finger tattoo is more likely to fade due to friction, soap and other external factors than, for example, a white back tattoo.

But, is it worth getting a white tattoo? I leave the answer to you because, as we said, there are factors that need to be assessed that can influence the choice.

Tattooing is a personal choice, which, of course, should be treated wisely. but still personal.

Attention! white tattoo can't last forever, but nothing prevents you from adopting the idea of ​​a temporary tattoo, which one day is easy to cover with something else!

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