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5 very good reasons NOT to get a tattoo on the eye ⋆ Tattoomuse.it


To say that getting an eye tattoo is not the best idea may seem trivial, but the number of people who are tired of the whites of their eyes is growing (no one knows why!) Who decide to get a tattoo.look in the eyes or, as they speak English, eyeball tattoo o sclera tattoo... But what exactly? Is it as dangerous as it seems?

That this one sclera tattoo?

One sclera tattoo it is actually a permanent staining of the white part of the eye (sclera). This is accomplished by injecting tattoo ink into a specific area of ​​the eye between the sclera and conjunctiva.

Are eye tattoos dangerous?

Yes, it's useless to get around it, tattooing eyes is dangerous and carries with it very serious risks. Here are X good reasons not to get a tattoo on your eyes:

1.  There is no course or certificate for eye tattooing. No tattoo artist, no matter how experienced, has gone through the training required to tattoo eyes.

2. Mistakes are the moment. To have a good chance of success, the ink must be applied exactly to the desired spot on the eye: an area about a millimeter thick between the sclera and conjunctiva.

3. The risks of infection are very high. Those with strong stomachs can google "Sclera tattoos went wrong“To get an idea of ​​the harm that a bad eye tattoo can do. The eye will not turn red or swell: if something goes wrong, the situation will quickly become very serious.

4. Going back is not easy. Sometimes this is simply impossible to do. In some cases, the ink can be removed surgically, but if complications arise it will be difficult to correct and damage, even visual, may be irreversible.

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5. Even the most experienced tattoo artist is error prone... As a human being, even the most experienced and reliable tattoo artist can make a mistake: just shake your hand, do a small slip - and you risk permanently damaging your eye.